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Blues In The Night was my final show at Bruford. It’s a promenade/ site specific piece collating several snippets of different texts and famous songs, with some rewritten monologues and direction by Steve Dykes.

The main link between each of the scenes, all set in different rooms/spaces, is the 20s/30s aesthetic which I adapted to make slightly more abstract and modern in places. 

I learnt a lot from this project and used some techniques that I hadn’t explored before such as incorporating natural set decoration (living plants and ivy for ‘ The Verge’, set in a stairwell). I faced a lot of challenges throughout the project, having to design and realise several different spaces with a small team and lots of covid restrictions, but overall it was an exciting opportunity and left room for lots of on the spot creative problem solving.

Something I’d love to delve deeper into is using unconventional materials and mediums within my designs- things like scent and organic mediums.




Written and Directed by Steve Dykes

Rose Bruford College, American Theatre Arts

Venue: Site specific/promenade/Lamorbey House

Set and Costumes designed by Hannah Williams

Lighting Designed by Amelia Hawkes

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