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BOUDICA (2021)

I designed Boudica during my final year at Bruford. It’s an epic rewrite of the historical events between the Celtics and Romans, a tale of betrayal, warring tribes and blood-thirsty rivalry.

The focus of the design was texture and colour. I wanted the the Romans and Celtics to have a stark contrast- using natural wools, linens, leathers and earth tones for the celts and more rigid materials and colour schemes for the Romans; this was to reflect the wild, unpredictability of the Celts versus the army-like mindset adopted by the Roman troops.

The set is focused around a large metal structure, adorned with sheets of corrugated iron, metal barrels and wooden crates. The idea was to create a climbing frame like structure for the actors to play with- something to climb, swing from, jump over and use as a percussive instrument to create a live score.





Written by Tristan Bernays

Directed by Zoe Waterman

Set, Costumes, Weaponry designed by Hannah Williams

Lighting designed by Rosie Clarke

As part of Rose Bruford College, London Season (2021)

Venue: The Unicorn Theatre

Photography by Michael O’Reilly

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