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The creative process for Bright Lights was fast-paced and spontaneous and left room for exploring new ideas all the time. The piece is about friendship and self love from the perspective of two humanoid wind turbines.

The set and costumes are heavily inspired by 50s comic books and campy, queer culture; using  eye catching colours to create mini, monochrome sets. 

Working alongside a small, mostly queer team, where everyone was chipping in ideas for everything from direction to camera angle, was a really refreshing collaborative process. This has been one of my favourite projects to date!



Written and Produced by Faye Butler

Commissioned by Newham Council as part of Newham Word Festival

Venue: Applecart Arts

Directed by Faye Butler

Costumes designed/sourced/made by Hannah Williams

Hair and makeup by Hannah Williams

Set developed and made by Hannah Williams and Faye Butler

DOP- Harry Elletson

Photos by Harry Elletson

Starring Faye Butler and Charlie Wood

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All Videos

All Videos