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There’s something really satisfying about creating an animation. Having your ideas and illustrations be brought to life, even if only for a few seconds, feels very rewarding. 

I like to work on animations when I’m between freelance projects, it’s a nice way for me to be creative and keep productive without too much pressure to make something super polished. I find that even the simplest of animations have a real charm to them.

Check out some of my short animations below!


Clown is a work in progress animation I’m currently working on which explores themes of gender identity and body dysmorphia. 


Halved explores the physical pain and frustration of a heartbreak. 

The animation displays a figure writhing around on the floor, fists banging, gripping at their arms. 

Seemingly trying to self-soothe but failing.


The Hair  is the first 2D animation I ever made! I wanted to play with perspective and transformation. Here we see the character transform into a mass of squiggly lines which they then reach down for, pick up and put on their head. 

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