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I came back to Bruford after graduating to work on Jekyll and Hyde, adapted by Evan Placey, in June 2022. This version of the story was a modern twist on the classic novel, combining 21st century texts and visuals with Victorian aesthetics and original dialogue from the book.

The cast I was working with were MA actor musicians and so the piece was heavily ada[ted by the director, Lucy Betts, to include a live score and several musical numbers which the cast all performed and/or sung in. 

For the set I wanted to utilise frames, which represented the mirrors frequently mentioned in the script, as well as creating a transformative space which could go from being a cabaret, speak-easy type haunt, to a Victorian bedroom, to a science laboratory.

Due the large number of locations to be covered within the script, I designed a base which could be built upon; red carpets and curtains with cabaret seating, which could be transformed with silver trays filled with science equipment, and large blackboards which would transform a regular looking picture frame into a scientists chalk board.

The costumes followed a similar vein, base layers which could be added to or stripped away to create the various characters each of the cast members was multi rolling.

Adaption written by Evan Placey

Directed by Lucy Betts

Set and Costumes designed and sourced by Hannah Williams

Lighting/sound Designed by Ryan Perry

SM: Chloe Stally-Gibson

Costume assistant/dresser: Niamh Upton

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