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I met Faye Butler through Applecart arts, we both work part time in the community cafe there. She came to me with what was originally a theatre script for a first draft of Keep The Faith in the spring of 2022, asking if I’d be interested in collaborating on it; I’d be designing the set and costumes. 

Over the rest of that year the script developed into a screenplay and after some successful Kickstarter fundraising, networking and casting calls, we had a shoot booked in to create ‘Keep The Faith’ the short film!

This was both of our first times creating a semi-professional short film and has been a massive learning curve and confidence boost to carry on making film-based work.



Written by Faye Butler

Produced by Faye Butler

Directed by Charlene Jones

Production design by Hannah Williams

DOP: George Haydock

1st AC: Martin Welsby

Gaffer: Sam tones

Sound recordist: Greg Scholes

Camera trainee: Kelly Pickard

1st AD: Meagan 

Art assistant: Hamaas Mahmood

Production assistants: Chloe Bush, Johnny Lau, 

Photographers: Craig Szlatoszlavek, Gisela Szlatoszlavek

Editor: Rebecca Spaven

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