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La Dame Peinte was a 48 hour short film project created by myself and Faye Butler and submitted to Nikon short film festival.

Set in black and white, with an original melancholy score, written by John Joseph Wiater, and a jaunty, monotone monologue, narrated by Faye Butler, the piece is a comedy about a fickle bride who, after leaving her husband at the alter, contemplates all the things she could do with her life. 

This project was an exploration of filmmaking for both Butler and I; an opportunity to have a go at all the roles needed for making a short and an opportunity to play with a 60s aesthetic. 



Written by Faye

Produced by Faye Butler

Directed by Faye Butler

Set and costumes designed by Hannah Williams

Makeup by Hannah Williams

Camera Ops: Hannah Williams and Faye Butler

Starring Marc French as ‘Groom’ and Faye Butler as ‘Bride’

Original Score composed by John Jospeh Wiater

Colourist and additional editor: Eddie Mould

Special thanks to Applecart Arts and Laurie Brooke Summers

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