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Exploring design led theatre (and Theatre in Education)

I recently found an unfinished draft of my uni dissertation from 2021!

At the time I was exploring the concept of ‘design led theatre’, what exactly that means, and whether it could be used as a tool to help young teenagers engage with more complex, or ’adult’ narratives.

It’s not the best written essay you’ve ever read in your life, but it looks into the Theatre in Education (TiE) movement, which was popularised in the 1960s, a movement I think could be updated for todays standards and that the modern education system would really benefit from now.

The essay covers a few different examples of what the term ‘Design led’ means and there’s also some interesting interviews I conducted with several theatre practitioners of all different disciplines/ backgrounds.

I’ve attached it below, annotations and all, for anyone who fancies giving it a read! I’d be interested to chat to anyone else who has researched these topics and has any hot takes! you can get in touch with me via my email

2 dissertation draft and exploration of design led performance by Hannah Williams
Download PDF • 232KB

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